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“Laila Riis and Partial Facsimile have been an important part of the Brighton / Sussex arts and music scene for over five years, as well as touring nationally. Their performances, installations and collaborations have made a significant impact in encouraging a multi-media approach to live art locally, bringing together sound and visuals in an immersive, site-specific manner that verges on synaesthesia, while remaining affordable and accessible to a wide audience.

Most recently I was lucky enough to experience the ‘Dynamic Dose’ 3D sound and light installation as part of an arts open house in the Brighton Festival. This emphasized the potential healing properties of the media used and felt both deeply transporting and intimate. In looking at ways that their practice can dovetail with mental health efforts, Riis and Partial Facsimile continue to expand the boundaries of their work, finding new ways to connect with and stimulate an increasingly diverse community of participants.”

Ben Graham
Writer / music & arts journalist / event organizer
The Quietus / Shindig Magazine / Notwork 23