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“Dynamic Dose” (binaural mix – for headphone listening)

Partial Facsimile’s artistic director Laila Riis has just completed her piece for the MA Digital Music & Sound Arts degree at the University of Brighton, UK.

“Dynamic Dose” is a mixed media installation, originally presented in 3D sound and tungsten lighting. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, a binaural version has been created for headphone listening. The 20-minute extract has been taken from the full 3 hours 36 minutes mixed media piece, concerning sound and light frequencies used to stimulate well-being within depressed patients. The work is proposed to be an alternative to prescribed chemical anti-depressants; she does not claim for this work to be able to fully replace them.

The 3D sound installation was modeled on the Klang Dome at ZKM, Germany, and was made possible with kind support from FLUX SOFTWARE ENGINEERING (FLUX:: SE).