Partial Facsimile is a Brighton based immersive sound and visual art collective specialising
in research-based projects, film soundtracks and site-specific performances. They perform
and install all of their works in surround sound or 3D audio formats and aim for an
immersive audio experience to become more common to a wider audience.

Since 2013 they have been engaged in making works that were accessible to a wide
demographic, and performed in spaces not necessarily designed for art events. Examples of
this include performances in an Air-Raid Shelter in Brighton and The Grand Magazine at
Newhaven Fort. They also toured the UK in 2019 with an interactive immersive multi-media
concert named “Media OS 5.1” which addressed the concerns of ‘Infobesity’ – the over-
stimulation of digital information and its effects on human behaviour. This tour was
supported by Arts Council England, DiGiCo, d&b Audiotechnik and KLANG 3D in-ear

Each new project involves different members of the collective. Visual art may come in the
form of bespoke independent films; live drawing or painting; digital and analogue
projection. Musical work may be fully or semi improvised, soundscape orientated, or
specifically composed for each project. Lyrical content is informed by research into chosen
topics that they wish to discuss in the work.