Manifesto 1st Jan 2017.

Partial Facsimile is a Brighton based surround-sound and visual-art collective specialising in research based projects, film soundtracks and site-specific performances. We perform and install all our pieces in 5.1-surround sound and aim to help this merged format to become commonly experienced by a wider audience.  We also make our work digitally available in stereo on our web site for those that did not experience the live work.

Since 2013 we have been engaged in making works that were accessible to a wide demographic, and performed in spaces not necessarily designed for art events.   Examples of this include performances in a Danish WWII bunker, an Air-Raid Shelter in Brighton and The Grand Magazine at Newhaven Fort.

Partial Facsimile, has taken its name because we believe there is no such thing as any concept or product truly being original. We build on previous knowledge and apply our interpretation of the present through improvisation and composition, collectively constructing what often is considered to be “new.”

Each new project involves different members of the collective.  Visual art may come in the form of bespoke independent films; live drawing or painting; digital and analogue projection.  Musical work may be fully or semi improvised, for soundscape work, or specifically composed for each project.  Lyrical content is informed by research into chosen topics that we wish to discuss in our work.

We are currently working on a multi-media concept performance based on the streaming of digital information and its effects on human behaviour.  Please visit the NEWS section of our website for further details.