Sonic Orienteering – Land Shape – Denmark

At Land Shape land art festival at Hanstholm Lighthouse in Denmark we showcased an interactive sound orienteering piece in 5.1 surround sound.

Along with artist Ann Mai Røge and the audience, the sound of the festival site mapped and presented in a 360 degree soundscape of speakers.

The audience was invited to use hand-held recorders to record sounds they found interesting on the festival site, record in a map where the sound was located and bring it back to the growing surround sound piece at the workshop.

The ide was to make the participants more aware of the spatiality of sound.

This piece was part of a brand new land art festival named Land Shape. The festival boasted over 50 international artists that were working both indoors and outside, along with symposiums on land art.


CC60 – MixTape (Cassettelord)

For the MixTape exhibition hosted by Cassettelord and Studio 45 at the Open Market in Brighton, Partial Facsimile installed a 60-minute surround sound mix of our previous live recordings and compositions. The loop projected from a 5.1 surround sound system included the following tracks:

  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (live extract)
  • Communication Certified (live extract)
  • Faulty Towers (installation piece from exhibition by the same name, hosted by the Beastie Toys)
  • Jesters of the Atlantic (composition)
  • Davy Jones’ Locker (installation piece from Beasties Ahoy exhibition)
  • Oriental Conundrum (composition)

Beasties Ahoy

Partial Facsimile composed a sonic installation in 5.1 surround using the Bang & Olufsen Beolab 14 system. The new piece named ‘Davy Jones’ Locker’ was designed to accompany the street artist collective Beastie Toys as they made a bold return back into the Brighton art scene. Their nautical street art extravaganza in their pop-up seafront lair was open to the public from 17th May until 16th June 2014.

Combining the seasick skills of ZeeZee22, Funky Red Dog, Cassettelord and Archi Ram with special guests. ‘Beasties Ahoy’ delved deep into the magical depths of the ocean and delivered up mysterious monsters and glittering treasures for your delight and/or horror!!

Ming I and the Darkening of the Light

A stereoscopic film by Nazare Soares. 

Sound design by Laila Hansen of Partial Facsimile.

This film has so far been shown in several locations in Brighton (UK), Fort Process International Sound Art Fesival Newhaven (UK), The Biscuit Factory London (UK), Ivahm The International Video Art Festival in Madrid (Spain), House Mad Photo Gallery Madrid (Spain), India Habitat Centre New Delhi (India), Fiva International Video art Festival in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and at Artist Television Access, San Francisco (USA).

Faulty Towers

Stereo mix of 5.1 surround soundscape created for visual street art exhibition at Gallery 40, Brighton, feat. Cassettelord, ZeeZee22, Archi Ram, Funky Red Dog.

– Steve Verdin
guitar, bass, samples, arrangements

– Laila Hansen
guitar, keyboard, samples, arrangements

of the
Partial Facsimile Collective

Mixed and produced by
Laila Hansen at the Oriental Cave Studio.
Brighton. 2014.

Beolab 14 surround sound system sponsored by
Bang & Olufsen of Brighton & Hove.

Project brief:

In this art exhibition, titled ‘Faulty Towers’, a diverse group of artists and musicians have come together to investigate how art, music and other creative genres incorporate structures and systems that have direct parallels with architecture. Towers have become a re-occurring building type in virtually every major city around the world. These often begin life as shiny and glamorous icons but after a time, unforeseen constructional and planning defects sometimes render them unusable – they may even have to undergo major refurbishment or need to be completely demolished. Thus towers often represent both a celebration and disillusionment about mankind’s future. 

The creative works that are being displayed are a mixture of both serious and humorous pieces, that attempt to engage with the common underpinnings found in nature and the environment, with the structural, mathematical and proportioning systems of the man-made world. Some of the artists propose elegant and perhaps impossible new construction or sometimes deconstruction, whilst others combine ad-hoc marks, or hybrid and collaged shapes, which mimic natural generative and regenerative processes. In this exhibition each artist explores their own personal reaction to this theme, 

leaving the viewer to ponder their own, inevitably uncertain future.