Steven Hill

I’ve been playing drums & guitars for Evi Vine for 12 years, writing, composing and trying to make music that moves me sonically or emotionally. I’m still very much addicted to that moment of improvisation or creativity in the studio that leads to an unexplained feeling of something happening in the room. I’m more interested in feeling than technical ability and most good ideas are accidents. That sentiment led us to work with Phill Brown, the legendary Talk Talk engineer, which subsequently led to me playing guitar for Phillip Clemo. I also drum tech, tour manage and drive for other bands so the road is a comfortable place.

1996-2003 – Playing drums for numerous southeast and London bands.

2003-2005 – SPILLO – sampling, writing low slung hip hip, record digging, DJ’ing and learning how mostly to not do stuff

2005 – Present – EVI VINE – guitars, drums, composition, production, tour managing, 3 albums…etc….etc..

2016 – Present – PHILLIP CLEMO – experimental guitars and microkorg