Powerfully passionate and dynamic.

Rotait switch from fragile to aggressive with an elegant ease. Deep fuzzy strings and lyrical drumming wrap haunting vocals to create a dark call to the imagination. There’s mystery and mistrust resonating in this sound, natural glamour and distortion pedals.

Rotait are flattered to have been compared to The White Stripes, Nick Drake and The Pixies.

Rosanna Schwarzacher and Jareth Tait met in 2009 whilst roaming Europe in search of musical adventure. After joining the same burlesque band in Ireland they realised they were neighbours, living directly opposite one another. After bonding over musical influences they started to write as a duo on cello and guitar, bringing in drums later.

As Jareth and Rosanna tentatively began performing the songs the feel gradually became heavier with bigger dynamics. Their love of playing live and travelling has led them to gig in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Ireland and the UK. After returning to record in Dublin they relocated to Brighton, in the South of the UK, where they’re now writing and fine-tuning their current live set.