Laila Riis

My artistic visions are to promote live surround sound music and visual media performances, and help this merged format to become commonly experienced by a wider audience.

Partial Facsimile, has taken its name because we believe there is no such thing as any concept or product truly being original. We build on previous knowledge and apply our interpretation of the present through improvisation and composition, collectively constructing what often is considered to be “new.”

However, through the playfulness within improvisation, I believe the relationship between instrument and player becomes closer to ”freshness” than what is found in composed material as one can communicate immediate thoughts. I view this a fascinating activity and find great inspiration in unveiling sounds this way.

Freelance Sound Engineer & Stage Manager


Partial Facsimile (2013 – present)

Director, Composer, Recording- and Mixing Engineer



Broken Republic (2014 – present)

Guitarist, Recording- and Mixing Engineer


Musique Hemprecte (2014)

Sound Engineer for improv. feat. Stray Ghost, Jacob Brandt & Alex Merron