José Canepa

Multidisciplinary artist

My works are windows into my world and what I’ve seen along the way, showing the range of influences synthesized in music, poetry, painting and performance. As a creative and concerned citizen, I wanted to take back some of this space to share ideas generally dominated by the noise of the spectacle. Seeking a truth that I feel is more beneficial to our journey as humans. Thus connecting us to the reality that exists outside of the media dreamland and attuning to a more natural state in accordance with Earth and our own biorhythms. The internet has opened the door for people to learn from its great library of knowledge and contribute their grain of sand into the wide web of ideas. Never has the need been greater to do so and as an artist alive today I feel a duty to make myself useful to this cause so many have fallen and are fighting for. I have realised my connection to the world around and how good intentions can manifest positive realities, so that’s the wave I want to help resonate and push forth. As an observer and actor in this history I will share the knowledge gained from my experience in the hope it will be of use to others.

Currently based in Berlin

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