My roots are in anti-elitist community based art, I guess I’m a bit of a modernist at heart – I believe everyone has a creative spark, I also believe that the language of art should exist all around us -not just in a gallery. When we build art into our environment and everyday lives that is when it truly transforms how we see. My style emanates from the past and the present, both in its execution and inspiration. Over the years I have facilitated all kinds of art groups and projects and used materials of everything from oils to house paint. These days I crave the immediacy of stencils and the colour contrast hit of spray paint. I have always loved pop art for its high contrast recycling and repetition of product advertising and culture. I find inspiration in the retro colours and shapes of 70s and 80s graphics and interior design. I believe in order to stand toe to toe with the onslaught of consumerist propaganda art needs to have a dynamic punch…!