Ben Baxter

My work is fuelled by the unrelenting disagreement between a furious fire in my belly and a gentle flame in my heart.  Concentrated project-based research and intellectual self-development then come together to inform my work and help it to materialise.

I have strong ideas about the current unhealthy state of the world, and I spend my time creating works that will hopefully help to educate, inform or protect peoples that are under attack.

Highlights of my career include international touring, supporting independent artists and playing smaller, obscure venues such as WW2 bunkers.


Artistic Endeavors

  • (2014 -Present) Lyricist and musician in the politically charged band Broken Republic (formerly Holy North and Jones).
  • (2007 – 2010) Founder and Musical Producer of Coconut-Tree Records. Recording and promoting fine songwriters from the south coast of England, including A Head Full of Yoko, Andrew Foster, Lo Kirk and Natalie Betts.