Ann Mai Lunde Røge

– Objects, body and space –

Through durational performance and sculpture I explore the body as a place of emotion and energy. As a response to the aspiration for a cohesive self-image, I reflect on personal experience. Combined with memory and imagination, a visual journey involves symbolic portraiture and layered references.

I am interested in physical and emotional space, which I attempt to define through an instinctive engagement with site-specific live- and recorded performance. Raw moving image and audio installation along with physical traces of activity have been key elements. I question the absence and presence of the performer and the relationship between past and present.

My own body is a primary tool in the exploration of identity, memory and affiliation. Since 2012 chalk has accompanied me as a crucial medium on this journey. Moreover I engage with the practice of painting and printmaking. A recent collaboration with a Danish artist and architect has led to a permanent land art installation in the public venue of Gateway, Blokhus, Denmark.