Alex Merron aka Atomsphere

My current and past work is about the search for an understanding of nature, finding harmony and resonance with it, in a self-referential style. Using technology resourcefully and efficiently, I create live performances and interactive multi-sensory instillations. I also paint large scale commissioned aerosol art murals.

My musical strengths lie in rhythmic and percussive based improvisation, although I also play many string and wind instruments. I also create my own instrumentation, using analogue and digital postproduction techniques, to create organic soundscapes.

In my practice I enjoy the combination of different techniques, for instance geometrically structured doodles, bubble painting, marbling, cymatics, feedback, light painting, editing, interference patterns visualisation of dimension and illusion. Recurring themes include fractals, holography, light, sound, water, simulacrum, simplicity, complexity, chaos and nature.